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For more than 80 years, United Way Suncoast has helped millions of deserving people and has been the charitable partner for hundreds of area agencies, businesses and civic organizations. During nearly nine decades of service, United Way has invested millions of dollars that directly and indirectly touch nearly every Suncoast man, woman and child.

United Way Suncoast focuses its leadership and resources on three Impact Agenda priorities:

United Way Suncoast Strategic Impact Plan

United Way Suncoast Strategic Impact Plan

  •  Early Literacy (0-12) Ensure that children are surpassing key school readiness and early grade reading benchmarks.
  • Youth Success (13-18) Ensure that children are graduating form high school with the skills necessary to pursue post-secondary education or vocational training.
  • Financial Stability (18+) Ensure adults achieve long-term financial stability by developing the skills and opportunities to obtain family sustaining employment.

United Way leadership both facilitates and coordinates with regional agencies to fund programs that support these areas of impact to help break the cycle of generational poverty.  Some of the ways you might have heard of us include:  Summer Care Child Care Initiative, Success by 6, Great by 8, the Sulphur Springs Resource Center, VITA Free Tax Preparation, FamilyWize Prescription Drug Discounts, ReadingPals, the Prosperity Campaign, HandsOn Suncoast Volunteer Services, Operation Graduate, and many more. These programs provide direct and significant community impact to the region.

United Way leverages your donor dollars with grants and other corporate and civic contributions to multiply your gift many times over. Our leaders convene partnership opportunities to bring more to the table: more dollars, more partners and more programs. With more than 900 regional companies representing more than 90,000 employees, United Way’s workplace campaign mobilizes the largest group of individual donors on the Suncoast.


Celebrating 90 years of historical roots, the United Way has worldwide recognition and the more than 1,200 United Way America offices share the same community-oriented goals.  Since 1924, the presence of the United Way in Southwest Florida has been growing and combining into what is now the United Way Suncoast.

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United Way Suncoast is dedicated to breaking the cycle of generational poverty in the region.  Our strategy is to focus on programs and services to build early literacy, youth success and financial stability for those in need.  Why?  Because undereducated children in poverty are nearly three times more likely to drop out of high school and repeat the cycle.

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United Way has a long history across the Suncoast region and has evolved from a number of small independent operations, into a regional leader and partner .  Our  FAQs address some of the more common questions and expand on what we are doing to make a positive impact on the lives of Suncoast individuals and families.

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Suzanne McCormick leads a team of dedicated and talented staff and volunteers  as the President & CEO of United Way Suncoast.  Our Staff page not only shares McCormick’s biography, but the bios of the leadership team members, including contact information for each employee.  These include:  Office of the President and Local Area Presidents, Volunteer Services/Community Partnership and Development, Resource Development and Workplace Campaigns, Marketing and Communications, and Operations and Finance.

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Board Leadership

The board members of United Way Suncoast represent a wide array of backgrounds, organizations, and demographics.  A United Way Suncoast Board of Directors helps drive the organization strategically.  Additionally, there is a Sarasota Area United Way Board and Tampa Bay Area United Way Board, so that each of the individual communities are represented by entities familiar with the unique needs of each community. All board members are grounded in United Way’s guiding missions and values and do all they can to support Southwest Florida’s growth and success.

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Career Opportunities

In addition to doing great work across the Suncoast region, United Way is also a great place to work and Career Opportunities are listed here. To join our family, we are looking for individuals with a passion for community growth, self-motivation and excellent work ethic, as well as creativity and compassion.  Please fill out the employment application online for an open United Way Suncoast position.

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United Way Suncoast takes great pride in community accountability and transparency.  It is important to us that our community members know we are held accountable and conduct our own financial audits.  Additionally, we maintain an Audit & Ethics committee to ensure that United Way Suncoast and all of its associates adhere to high integrity standards.  Financial data, ethics policies, and standards are all available online and we value the trust the community places in United Way Suncoast.

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Privacy Policy

United Way Suncoast’s confidentiality extends to its website and all of your data is handled with prudent, restricted policies.

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